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About AZAD

Azad has a complete range of delicacies to suit any tastes. You can now choose from an assortment of delicious sweets ranging from traditional delights to novel and unique tastes. The essence of our products is inspired by royal banquets from exquisite Indian Kitchens. Azad has been famous for its Puri-Shak, chana-puri , Punjabi platter , Gujrati platter and scrumptious Majun Mithai,and it proudly witnesses over 500 walk-in each day in the bustling city of Ahmedabad.

Azad is famous for puri shak , majun , dal pakwan , samosa , and many other delicious dishes , azad which has been in restaurant business from 1947 has always believe in giving good quality with reasonable rates and fast service

Azad offers sweet products in over variety of different types of packaging. Besides traditional paper and plastic box , we work with tin, wood, glass and handmade paper to give you the flexibility and choice in selecting the packaging that suits your mood, taste and theme,we have come up with MAP packing which lets us give our customer good self life and better quality

Our History

Over half a century ago, the foundation of AZAD was laid in Ahmedabad,Gujarat, with the commitment to provide people with delectable quality delights. The great journey started when Sir J.V.Rochwani migrated from Sindh, Pakistan, to Ahmedabad,India and started a small breakfast shop in the inner city of  Ahmedabad in (year). The passion for quality, distinctiveness and hard work set by our founder is the spirit we seek as our guiding principle.

60 years ago

Azad Family

Over 60 years ago Sir J.V.Rochwani, our founder introduced the best mithai the city of Ahmedabadhas ever known. Today, His family strives to bring you the best of those age-old

J. V. Rochwani

J.V.Rochwani founded this business more than half a century ago. It was his vision and entrepreneurial spirit that made Azad a strong brand name in the Mithai business. His special emphasis on 'nothing but the best' ensured that the customer always found the same superior quality whenever he experienced any product of Azad Sweets..

Prakash Rochwani

Being the ideal son of Mr. J. V. Rochwani he followed his father’s steps into becoming a successful entrepreneur and carried the family name forward.

Kunal Rochwani

Kunal being a legacy to the rochwani family after completing his education. Decided to carry ahead the family tradition and aims to take the name to different horizons keeping up with our fast pace of 21st century.


Our vision is to make Azad a global brand, a brand recognizable for its uniqueness and quality in ethnic food market all around the world. In this perspective we consider our self as an innovative and a pioneer company, continuously offering unique products and interesting service concepts that others haven’t even dreamt of.

Core Values

The core values of our organization which we consider the Spirit of Azad have not changed over the past half century. Those values and traditions which have made the brand Azad a market leader for the past 60 years are:

Continuous Improvement



Team work

Social Responsibility

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