Azad Mithai

It all began in 1947 when the entrepreneurial J. V. Rochwani migrated to India and started a joint in the busy markets of ahmedabad. The uniqueness soft he taste offered at the joint made it so popular that soon they decided to venture into Mithai as well, and opened a shop on (place).The mithai tasted so different that he chose to callit Azad Mithai…Today, over half a century after; the Azad name has come a longway. Having won the trust and admiration of millions of customers a cross the city, Azad has also gone international with their restro venture in Australia named by “Bombay Affair”

Azad mithaii snow all set to launch its operations in other destinations too. Today, The Rochwani family has evolved the business into an ever growing empire. Inducting experienced professionals in the team, Azad has grown from a small Mithai vendor to providers to big corporate names in the city. Azad Sweets proudly offers more than hundred varieties of Mithai to satisfy any taste.Our belief in ‘nothing but the best’ ensures that every experience with Azad Sweets is as’ sweet and tasty’ a sever and that quality is never compromised. Azad Sweets is not just a name. It is a tradition, a trust and an integral part of your joyful memories.
Hence we provide ranging from:

  • Regular Mithai
  • Special Mithai
  • Sugar-freeMithai
  • Cold Range
  • Complete Range

At Azad, we believe in consistent expansion of our product range as per the expectations of the modern consumer.

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